Thursday, February 12, 2009

Advice on Growing Your Own Organic Food

We live in a health conscious society. We exercise, diet and make sure we watch we eat. Whenever we're concerned about food it's all about calories, fats and trans fat. But do we really think about how all the food we eat is grown? All the food and vegetables that we consume today are bound to be subjected to pesticide as well as chemical sprays. All these sprays are known to be harmful and they can cause diseases too. One way we can avoid these harmful compounds is by eating organic food instead.

Organic food is food that is grown naturally. What this means is that no chemicals are used on them to make them look better. They may not be as glossy or as nice looking as the items you find in a grocery store but these organic foods taste a whole lot better. It makes so much sense that purchasing organic food makes us all feel so much better. Most times, this isn't always the case; most of the organic foods sold in stores aren't entirely free of harmful chemicals. Whether or not you wash organic or non-organic foods before you eat them, you can have harmful chemical deposits still remain on them. This makes a perfect reason for you to start growing your own organic food.

Anyone with a small area in their yard or someone who even has a couple of pots can start their own journey to making healthy food. One great area for planting is an area that has a lot of sunlight. You also require good soil too. If you aren't sure about the soil you can easily get it tested. Adding compost to the soil three weeks before planting is a great idea too. You can also buy organic compost from stores or you can manufacture yours from kitchen waste and save yourself some money. Start off by planting seeds of plants that can easily survive in your own region and use a number of different kinds. Never neglect your plants while they're growing, its essential that you water them on a daily basis. Also make sure that you take the time out to remove any weeds when they appear. Healthy plants are capable of surviving pest attacks. If you take good care of them these plants will be healthy and productive too.

By growing your own organic garden, you'll feel that you're doing something good for yourself as well as the environment. At the same time you'll be eating healthy foods that are free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that contain poisons too. You'll also spend some tome outdoors breathing fresh air and enjoying the air of your surroundings. Growing your own food is an accomplishment and nourishing your body through these means is an achievement too. You will also save on your ever growing grocery bill and have some extra money in your pockets at the end of the month.

By growing organic food you are securing your environment for the future. It prevents soil erosion and protects water from any possible contamination by runoff. W e should do whatever we can to protect the environment.