Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Used Coffee Ground Powder As Organic Fertilizer

Used coffee ground powder can be used as organic fertilizer for your garden. It is favored by the worms as food and decayed ground coffee powder mixed with soil, the soil will be more easily broken down and water flow more smoothly. Used coffee ground powder is readily available at many coffee shops. For example, in Malaysia you can ask of ground coffee used in Starbuck stores. Ask it from store employee and get it for free.

You only need to sprinkle around your plants and the best coffee powder is mixed with soil in a ratio of one part of the land and two parts of ground coffee used. It aims to accelerate the decay process and make it organic fertilizer to your plants.

For those of you who want to use organic fertilizer from goat manure and poultry, organic fertilizer mixed with coffee grounds can remove unpleasant odors as coffee powder to absorb the smell.

Used ground coffee from Starbuck coffee shop